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  • Welcome to Slot-Machine-Games.Net

    ClickHere To Enjoy My Free Slot MachineThinking while you try to have fun isn't always that enjoyable; and so God created the slot machine!!! To try our free slot games, click here - To play slots for real money, click here. Some of us "regular gambler folks" need games where absolutely no real skill is required. Slot machine games fall directly into this category, simply because there is no plotting, planning, guessing, figuring, counting or the like. You simply pull the handle or press the button, and pray that you'll get lucky. My site is 100% dedicated to casino slots and the pursuit of slot machine fun, so if you're as game as I am, then check out the 'meat of the matter' below or follow the links on the nav to the left.

    How Slot Machines Work
    My inordinate fascination with slot machines started only last year. I finally made it to Vegas to see what all the hype was about and I've been hooked ever since. The staff at the Paris, Barbary Coast, Caesar's Palace and the MGM Grand knew me by name by the time I was done. When I came back, I also took it unto myself to research how these CHA-CHING machines really worked.

    Slot Machine FAQ
    As simple as it is, for some reason, slot machine games always generate a long list of frequently asked questions among gamblers; especially from newbies and 'treasure hunters'. Everything from the meaning of some 'slot terms' to the constant debate about loose vs. tight slots is always up for discussion. Since my jump into the wide world of slot machine games last year, I've come to know a lot of the common terminology used in the casinos; so for sure I will explain the most important ones as best as I can. Not only that, I've also sought to put to rest a lot of the rumors that tend pop up in the slot world - this with my detailed listing of top "Slot Secrets" and "Slot Machine Myths".

    Slots Online
    I'll definitely be back in Vegas soon, but until such time I've gotten my hands on my own customizable slot machine game console. It comes with two impressive slot machines for you to enjoy for FREE. They are pretty 'loose', and when you accummulate all the points you can't do anything with it ... YET. Try it out and stick around, you might just win a prize someday :-). In addition to the free online slots, you can check out the slot downloads and links to a couple online casinos with slots that I have tried personally.

    Get Your Own Slot Machine
    If you're looking to own your own slot machine, I've probably got the links you need. From antique slots, to "spooky slots" to actual links to slot machine manufacturers, we've got the links and information you need.

    Slot Clubs
    Get the scoop on slot clubs - types of slot clubs, accummulation of points and even Las Vegas Slot Club news, information and updates. Slot club membership is a pretty useful add-on to your plan of action for Vegas or wherever your gambling destination is. The little piece of plastic in the form of your Slot Club card actually gives you money back!

    Why online casinos offer free pokies as well as roulette games to Australian customers

    There is nothing quite like playing free pokies online to pass the time, but did you know that most of the casinos in Australia that offer this service also have a great selection of roulette games? In Australia the game of roulette has not become as popular as it has throughout the rest of the world, but the online casinos are trying to change this perception one gambler at a time. You may use free pokies to simply pass the time but roulette games can be great fun as well. All you really need to do is get yourself a brief idea of some betting strategies and you will be ready to play.

    Although the game can be seen as quite complex, if you break it down into its simplest form it all starts to become a little easier. In short you are betting on the chance that a ball will land on a certain number. You should note that the numbers that the wheel has on it are not in order. This can make for some great spread betting antics! Take some time to watch someone else play for a while and before long you will have the basic idea down and want to start playing roulette games yourself. You never know, you could have found your new favourite casino game.

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